Spreading, Distributing, and Assigning — Core Planning Functions in SAP Analytics Cloud

Whether you’re planning your sales forecast, distributing funds for R&D, or reallocating your marketing spend, SAP Analytics Cloud makes spreading, distributing, and assigning budgets a straightforward task. What would be a tedious and complex formula in other accounting tools, can now be done with a click of a button.

As standard planning functions in SAP Analytics Cloud, we’ll show you how you can save time with:

  • Spreading
  • Distributing
  • Assigning


Spreading is the process of taking funds from a higher level in a hierarchy and assigning it to lower levels. For example, resources available at the global level can be assigned to individual regions, or at the year level and spread out to individual quarters. This is a crucial function when planning budgets and sales forecasting. By looking at previous years’ trends, you can estimate how much resources to devote toward a particular area of your business.

When automatic spreading is applied, the funds are split equally between the regions and the available product groups within those regions. Spreading can also be done manually so you can spread funds however you like.


Distribution enables you to move some or all the funds from one cell to other cells at the same hierarchical level, or members of the different branch of the same hierarchy.

For example, suppose you run a clothing company and have different branches in your business such as:

  • Apparel
  • Outerwear
  • Activewear
  • Footwear
  • Backpacks

For the upcoming summer season, you want to cut back your resource allocation from your winter line to your summer line. You could take funds from your outerwear budget and then distribute those funds to footwear, activewear, and backpacks. This is easily done with just a few clicks.


Assigning adds new values or replaces values in one or more cells. For example, suppose you wanted to increase your marketing spend for an upcoming campaign. Simply enter the amount you wish to assign and tell SAP Analytics Cloud where you want to assign those funds. Whatever you enter will cascade down, impacting any connected areas of the planning model.

SAP Analytics Cloud is an all-in-one analytics cloud platform that integrates business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics. Planning your budgets has never been easier.