How to get Support for SAP Analytics Cloud

Support with SAP Analytics Cloud has evolved over the past year. Whether you have a ‘how-to’ question, want to report a bug, or have an idea on how we can improve the product, there are now a few new ways you can get support.

In this post, we’ll discuss all your options related to support with SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • SAP Support Website
  • SAP ONE Support Launchpad
    • Creating a support ticket
    • Chatting with a live expert
    • Scheduling an expert
  • Answering ‘how-to’ questions
  • Submitting an idea

SAP Support Website

As your one-stop shop for everything support related, the SAP Support website contains links to:

  • Expert Chat
  • Schedule an Expert
  • Report an Incident
  • View my Incidents

It’s a good idea to bookmark this page so you will always have all the support options at your fingertips.


SAP ONE Support Launchpad

SAP ONE Support Launchpad is a central place for users to access all support channels provided by SAP. You can create a support ticket or interact directly with an SAP support engineer through a real-time conversation.

You can also customize your SAP ONE Support Launchpad experience by clicking on the menu in the top left corner. From there you can choose which tiles you’d like to add to your dashboard.

In the upper right corner of each tile will either have a +, which indicates that you can add the tile to your dashboard, or a ✔ , which indicates that the tile is already on your dashboard. To remove a tile from your dashboard, find the tile and select the check mark to de-select it.


Creating a support ticket

Support tickets are intended for reporting an issue with SAP software. If it’s a known issue, chances are someone else has already raised an incident report so we recommend you search our Knowledge Base to look for a solution.

To search for a solution, visit SAP ONE Support Launchpad and select the ‘Find a Solution’ tile.

If you’re unable to find an adequate solution, you can submit a new ticket. To submit a new ticket, select the ‘Contact SAP Support’ button.

Chatting with a live expert

Expert Chat is a great way to connect live to one of our technical support experts. If you’re a business plan holder, you get 24/7 access to support.

To chat with an expert live, click the tile on your SAP Support Launchpad dashboard.

The Expert’s Area is where you select which product you’re using (e.g. SAP Analytics Cloud) so that we can put you in contact with the right support agent.

The best way to find SAP Analytics Cloud from the list is to select the component tab.

Next, enter “SAP Analytics Cloud” into the search field. The results will appear at the bottom. Choose the license type that pertains to you — Business Intelligence or Planning.

Next, select what system your question is related to.

Once you enter your system details, describe the nature of your issue. This description will be passed on to the support agent so that they are better prepared when engaging with you.

Scheduling an Expert

Schedule an Expert is an easy way to connect with an SAP Support engineer. You can speak to an agent live in a one-on-one 30-minute call.

Scheduled appointments require 3 days’ notice to allow engineers to prepare for the session. Tell us your support-related question, and the product area that you want to discuss. We’ll find an available expert to assist you, at a time of your choice.

For more information regarding scheduling an expert, please visit our FAQ.

Answering ‘how-to’ questions

So far we’ve talked about Product Support, and the various ways you can receive help with any issues you’re experiencing with the product. But where do you go if you have a question related to how to do something with the product such has how to create a value-driver tree or how to use Smart Discovery?

For any how-to question, we recommend you visit our Resource page. Here you will find our Getting Started guide, Help Library, Video Tutorials, Blog, FAQ, and more.

Submitting an idea

Customer Influence (formerly known as Idea Place) where you can submit ideas and influence the product. Whether it’s adding a new feature, improving an existing component, or redesigning the user experience, we’d love to hear from you.